The San Ignacio Building - The University of Antioquia

An emblem of the city with a neoclassical style, and stylized exterior ornamentation.

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The San Ignacio Building - The University of Antioquia

A house of wisdom

The great pride of Medellín, and not only for the valuable academic contribution that constantly flows from the University of Antioquia. The San Ignacio building is a real emblem of the city, and a historical construction that reflects the evolution of the capital society through its elegant architecture, so it's no wonder that it was declared as a national monument in 1982. It's construction began in 1803, and it has been through some refurbishments since then. The facade is an unmistakable neoclassical style, but it has another series of elements that make it a little eclectic: the refined ornamentation on its windows, doors, balustrades and arches are particularly outstanding which give it a touch of grandeur, and the tower located at the main entrance is very intriguing. The building is made up of two interior cloisters and different rooms that revolve around them, and it also home to a church. These two buildings are a real must-visit, and you can't miss out on these during your tour of the city.

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