The Sala de las Columnas (or Pillar Room) in this palace is one of the places that you must see when you are wandering round the city.

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A palace for 4,000 maravedís.

4000 maravedies was the cost for Esteban Fernández to complete the construction of this palace in 1440. A construction that was in process since 1272 when Alfonso X the Wise decided that this place was to be the chosen location. It was here, next to the Puerta del Puente, and the Arrixaca estate, which was also near the old market, where this building was established with the purpose of logistically supporting the purchase and sale of cereals (one of the main commercial activities, centuries ago in the city of Murcia). Over time, the palace was left deserted and nowadays it's the headquarters of the archive of rare and historical manuscripts, possessing an important exhibition room known by the name of Sala de las Columnas (or Pillar Room) in which a large part of the city's cultural heritage is stored and exhibited. Together with the Malecon Gardens, this is a must-visit to know the Christian Murcia of 1272, up to the Murcia that we know nowadays.

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