Going Out for Tapas Round Murcia: The Best-Kept Secret.

It's all about the squares: the tapas in the trio of Las Flores, Santa Catalina, and San Pedro are essential.

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Going Out for Tapas Round Murcia: The Best-Kept Secret.

The most exclusive tapas.

The city of Murcia keeps the secret of being an expert in tapas and pinchos (finger food). Although there are other cities famous for this too, the Murcian tapas tradition has placed the city in a privileged place on the matter, even though it's not common knowledge. It's essential that you start the route at the square named San Juan, as you drop by La Glorieta. Passing along here, you'll find several of the most popular places: El Torrao, La Pequeña, and La Parranda are some of these but the most outstanding is Los Zagales, which is located at the end. The trio of squares which is made up of Plaza de las Flores, Santa Catalina and San Pedro are other destinations where you'll find the best tapas in Murcia, and with a great tradition of having a midday snack. La Taberna de las Mulas, the Fénix, and La Tapa are three of the most popular bars in the area. Now, you just have to decide where you'd like to start.

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