This isn't any kind of shopping centre: its recreation of a coastal village will make your shopping much more enjoyable.

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La Noria Shopping Centre

Delightfully different.

La Noria Shopping Centre isn't a typical shopping centre. It isn't located in the city of Murcia, so you have to go to a village called La Ñora to the west of the capital which is only six kilometres away (this region and its surroundings are well worth a visit). La Ñora is very near the town of Los Jerónimos which is a very popular area and highly recommended. The charm of this shopping centre lies in the way that it's made to look like a small Mediterranean coastal village, that is to say that the shops are framed by streets that recreate their neighbourhoods, parks, avenues, and bus stops. Life and leisure are defined here in a different place with a lot of charm, making this centre a different way to do your shopping.

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