First Islamic, then Christian… It's no wonder that its museum is of such great cultural interest.

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Las Claras

History against ideology.

The history of the region of Murcia has been marked by the fight between the Christian and Muslim kingdoms and the city changed hands between these kingdoms over centuries. The Santa Clara la Real Convent is one of the best examples to understand this city. This spectacular building has been a nunnery for the nuns of the Order of Saint Clare since the 14th century. This wasn't its origin however as it dates back to the 12th century during the Islamic Alcazar period. After the movement led by James I of Aragon between 1264 and 1266, Murcia became Christian and this place called Alcazar Seguir was the residence of famous figures such as Alfonso X the Wise, Violant of Aragon and Hungary, and James I himself. It remained like this until 1365 when it was converted into the residence for the Order of Saint Clare. Nowadays, this building has a very interesting museum that explains all periods of the city's history, step by step, and is home to one of the most important collections of sacred Muslim art.

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