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Murcian Craftwork

Unique pieces.

As you'll have been able to see already, Murcian culture and folklore is the emergence of many cultures rolled into one. This heterogeneity is based on the fact of being the destination for traders coming from all other Mediterranean shores, and for being governed by different religions, according to the periods which are inherent in their art. For example, their embroidery is something typical and this tradition and elaboration dates back to the 16th century. With gold and silver thread, simple floral motifs were represented, to complex religious or profane scenes. There is also a variety of formats such as blankets, rugs, garments, or flags made out of silk or wool... If you're thinking of taking back something which is typical from the area, we suggest that you to take a look at these kinds of crafts in the small shops hidden on the streets named Trapería, Platería, or around this area, as there are still many craftspeople who sell unique pieces in the city.

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