We recommend you to try a homemade rice dish in La Bernarda. Don't forget to book a table!

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Murcian Rice

Who fancies some rice?

The fact that the areas of Valencia and Alicante are located relatively close to the city has favoured both of them to take the fame and recognition for making rice. Although nobody denies this earned reputation, the Murcian region also has a great level for preparing these dishes. If you're fond of these recipes, we recommend you to visit La Bernarda, which is an establishment with great character located on a street named Joaquín Costa, and on the corner of a street called San José, which is right in the middle of Murcia. This restaurant, which serves traditional and family cuisine is very well-known in the city, and has been preparing their own recipes for decades based on local produce. Their speciality is rice dishes, but they also prepare dishes of an international variety. If you're planning on visiting this place during a weekend or on a public holiday, we recommend you to book in advance, as there are many who want to try their homemade rice dishes.

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