Nobody represents Murcian culture like Francisco Salzillo. Voilá - an honourable museum for an exemplary artist.

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Museo Salzillo

A tribute to Salzillo.

You should know that Francisco Salzillo was an 18th-century Murcian sculptor who became one of the main examples of baroque imagery. Completely devoted to sculpture, his works were showing the evolution of baroque in the following trends such as rococo and classicism. He is one of the main cultural symbols in the city of Murcia. Fortunately, after many efforts they managed to compile his main works into one building in 2002, and this was how the museum named Museo Salzillo opened, sharing a space with the see of the brotherhood named Cofradía de Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno in the church of Jesus. In fact, this has given the exhibition a new dimension in which you can see the rooms with the artist's main works: the Sala de los Bocetos (Drawing Room), the Sala del Belén y Santo Sudario (The Nativity and Sudarium Room) with the Sala de las Artes Sudarios (Sudarium Arts Room) where you can see the main parts of the paso of this brotherhood.

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