This church has a hectic and interesting history and it's the headquarters of the Diocese of Cartagena nowadays. Do you feel like visiting it?

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St. Peter's Church

Muslim beginnings.

Using the ruins of a former Muslim temple, the construction work on this church began during the first third of the 17th century and was erected in the centre of Murcia. This building was part of Alfonso X the Wise's initiatives which in turn came from other measures of a more political and territorial nature by James I of Aragon who was responsible for Christianizing the whole region of Murcia. This is why you usually find religious buildings built over old Muslim monuments in the city and throughout the entire province. Inside this building, decorated under baroque parameters, you can see works by Nicolás Salzillo and Roque López, as well as paintings by Senén Vila. The church is located on the square named San Pedro and despite having been passed down from family to family throughout the last few centuries, it's now one of the headquarters for the Diocese of Cartagena and it's open to the public.

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