Thanks to this foundation, Murcia's cultural calendar is totally worthwhile. Take a look and you'll see why!

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The Caja Murcia Foundation

One hundred per cent cultural.

The foundation has various centres scattered around the capital, and the rest of the region of Murcia. Its objective is to give coverage and space to the different cultural initiatives and concerns that concern this region and other areas. We'll essentially focus on two centres: the first one is called Las Claras at number 1 of a street named Santa Clara. We recommend you to take a look at their activity calendar as they always have exhibitions and interesting cultural activities related to the region. On the other hand, the Espacio Xtra Caja Murcia is located in the university campus and covers more innovative kinds of projects that are just as interesting. This has become one of the city's most forward-looking cultural centres and its multidisciplinary character makes space for all kinds of trends. We advise you to check their programme, and here you have the website address of the foundation's blog:

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