The Cathedral of Murcia

The city shines with this Gothic style cathedral that also has pieces of other architectural periods. You must take a photo of this cathedral.

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The Cathedral of Murcia

What a tower!

It was during the year 1266, when James I of Aragon was sent by Prince Alfonso (who later became King Alfonso 'the Wise') to enter Murcia and convert it into a Christian city. Backed by the Diocese of Cartagena, he arrived to the city and his first task was to introduce himself to what was then the Alijama or Great Mosque. During 1291, this building was reconverted and dedicated to St. Mary, which meant the first step for this building to be converted into a cathedral. However, it had to wait until 1465 for its consecration as the Cathedral Church of St. Mary when the building underwent an important refurbishment which has been preserved practically up to the present day. Despite its initial Gothic style, however, the cathedral acquired some popular changes such as the Vélez Chapel and the Chapel of Junterón (both from the 16th century and both cornerstones of the visit), or its monumental 93-metre tall bell tower that can be seen from different parts of the city. It is said that Alfonso the Wise's heart rests in the main chapel.

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