Central and charming describes this public park, which majestically reigns in the district of El Carmen.

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The Floridablanca Garden

The essence of El Carmen.

Did you know that Floridablanca Garden was the first public garden in the whole of Spain? It's located in the heart of a district called El Carmen which is one of the most charming districts in the city centre, and its history is linked to José Moñino Redondo who was one of Murcia's most influential people. As an economist and a lawyer, he carried out different political positions for Charles III during his reign, and it was Redondo who turned this park into a reality. This garden started as a very busy boulevard as the residents of the area came here on certain days to where the market of the area was established, and where the Murcians used to buy and trade products that arrived and departed through this Mediterranean gateway. During the 18th century, it was reconverted into the garden that we know nowadays, and it's currently one of the city's largest green areas.

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