Hidden in La Ñora, this building is impressive due to its architecture and its history.

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The Hieronymites Monastery

The Murcian El Escorial

Nicknamed El Escorial of Murcia, the Hieronymites Monastery is one of the most impressive buildings that you can find in this region, and it doesn't lack in history either. Located in the outskirts of the city of Murcia and in the small town of La Ñora, its chronology dates back to the 14th century. The Catholic church underwent a decline in its ranks, especially in this area, which was caused by the disparity of criterion among its members. Taken by the unease of this crisis, a group of nuns decided to join and imitate the solitary life of the wise St. Jerome, and this was how the monastery of St. Bartholomew of Lupiana in Guadalajara was founded in 1350. These were the grounds for the Caravaca Hospice and the Hieronymites Monastery that we are referring to. Unfortunately, the former of the monasteries previously mentioned succumbed to the hard sale of church lands during 1835.

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