The Modernity of Shopping Centres for Adults and Minors.

Accessible and modern, they are especially designed for the little ones, and guaranteed fun for the whole family.

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The Modernity of Shopping Centres for Adults and Minors.

Leisure for all ages.

Naturally, Murcia also has various modern and contemporary shopping centres. We'll introduce you to two that go beyond the border of a typical shopping centre. In first place, Thader is located on the avenue of Juan de Borbón and at just a few metres from the central square of Plaza Circular. This shopping centre is a modern and unique building which is focused on young children, and in addition to its children's playground, all of the decoration is based on fountains, attractions, and other similar things, which creates a fun and pleasant area. The other shopping centre is the so-called Zig Zag which is on the avenue of Juan Carlos I, and it's also focused on young children. In fact, this area is more focused on leisure than shopping. This entire shopping area in the city is located between the financial area, and its historic centre, and you can arrive at both places by car or on foot from any place in the city.

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