Leaving the controversy aside, it's a must to discover this building and its history in this city. Don't miss it.

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The Moneo Building

Central, bright and modern.

Did you know that there is a building designed by Rafael Moneo in the city centre? It's located in the heart of Murcia, on the square named Cardenal Belluga, and although it's one of the most controversial buildings in the whole region, it keeps an interesting story of itself. This building is an extension of the council and it's located opposite the cathedral. Far from trying to compete with this design, and showing great respect towards the religious building, the architect came up with a construction to promote this symbol of the city. This is why the cathedral's facade is projected onto the enormous window of the Moneo building, so that it can be seen from all possible points and angles from the square. You must approach the building to see the plays of light projected on its original facade, but despite this, there is still controversy among the capital's residents.

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