At this Sunday spot, you'll find all the old things that ever were or ever will be. Here, you'll walk among relics with history.

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The Murcia Antiques Market

Antiques on Sundays.

If you're fond of antiques, there's a place in Murcia for you. This is the city's antiques market which is mounted and dismounted every Sunday morning at the back of the museum called Museo Salzillo. As if it wanted to be a continuation of the legacy that the Murcian artist left to the city, this open-air market hides an endless number of all kinds of objects from old period crockery, to watches, coins, stamps and old things of any style or period. All these with a personal history behind them that you must discover. From 9am to midday every Sunday, you'll have time to visit this market. By the way, it's also common for private sellers to be around this street market, offering music collections, jukeboxes, and music devices, as well as other types of objects which, although they're not antiques, they are curious objects from other times.

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