Do you want to see original remains of the wall and have lunch while you're there? The aptly named restaurant La Muralla (The Wall) awaits you.

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The Remains of the Medieval Wall

Remains of another era.

The Santa Eulalia wall represents the remains of the medieval city that used to be Murcia. Although these are the most popular remains, you can find more of these medieval remains throughout the city, and although they are less famous, they do have a peculiar charm. In first place, next to the well known market of Mercado de las Verónicas, you'll find a large part of this wall that ends in two towers, and one of them is part of the church of Verónicas. These remains show how the medieval city used to defend itself using this wall as a boundary against the neighbouring attacks and invasions. The other secret spot in the city is found in none other than a restaurant, which is aptly named La Muralla (The Wall), and is located on a street called Cánovas del Castillo. And yes, you can see an original piece of the wall inside this establishment.

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