A delightful excursion to the Campoo Valley.

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Reinosa and Pantortillas

Pastries from Campoo.

About 60 kilometres south of Santander is one of the most important towns in the region. It is Reinosa, the main town in the Campoo Valley. An enclave that was the gateway from Castile to Cantabria for many years. In addition to being one of the main industrial and economic areas of Cantabria, the municipality is full of beautiful scenery, such as the source of the Ebro River. Reinosa is where they make 'Pantortillas', the Cantabrian pastry par excellence, along with sobaos and quesadas. Discover the taste of these fine butter puff pastries covered with toasted sugar. Fancy taking some home with you as a gift? Buy a box at Casa Vejo.

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