The designer Fiorella Mancini likes to be innovative and provocative. His shop windows with living mannequins says it all!

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Avant-garde fashion in Fiorella

Avant-garde fashion.

This place is suitable only for those who are looking for something new and who are not easily shocked. If that includes you, you have to head over to to the Campo Santo Stefano near the Academia Bridge. Nearby, you will find the Fiorella Gallery, where fashion is mixed with art at the hands of the designer Fiorella Mancini. Since its inception, the place has given rise to much controversy, as it demonstrates Fiorella's weakness for provocation. Half fashion gallery and half museum, its hard to imagine what you might find inside. The entrance is accompanied by a window display where two models spend the day greeting, reading or even sleeping. Above the display, the blue lights that are lit up by night will guide you towards the interior. cf cf The clothes are often presented by means of cf cf performances cf cf ,in an attempt to criticise the way in which consumerism has distorted the historic importance of the city. cf cf As such, buying clothes becomes a background activity, as most people come here for the show that takes place in the place's dark galleries. However much you hear about this place, it will not leave you indifferent.

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