Stunning location, impressive facade. Essential its Franchetti Gallery ... it exudes distilled art!

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Ca' d'Oro

'Marbled' flashes.

The brightness of the marble façade will attract your attention from afar, riding down the Grand Canal. But this is just a reminder that, in the past, its original facade was plated in beaten gold. Passing by this building is not to be missed both because of its position in the channel and its impressive appearance, since it is considered one of the architectural treasures of the city. When passing, spare a few minutes to admire its facade but if, after having visited other museums, you still want more, do not hesitate to enter. Inside there is the Franchetti Gallery, one of the most important in this city so rich in art. Transferred to the state in the early 20th century, its collection has been expanded and now consists mainly of sculptures and paintings by both Venetian and foreign artists. There are works of the calibre of Venus at Her Mirror by Titian or Lombardo’s Young Couple, but there are also names such as Tintoretto, H. Van Eyck, Bernini, Guardi, etc. Whether you are interested in the collection or prefer to simply walk, this is one of the sites you cannot miss.

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