A special square where you can encounter the most authentic venetian and see the San Michele in the distance.

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Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Captivating surroundings.

One would not expect, upon visiting the church of San Juan and San Paolo, that its surroundings would be as captivating as the building itself. However, there is something about this square that makes you want to stay a while. One possible reason is because of businesses here, in that they are local stalls and less accustomed to tourism. This is a perfect opportunity to have a chat with the Venetian traders and you will see that their sociable reputation is not without reason. In addition to the shops in the vicinity of the square, this is a good place to have an ice cream, coffee or a spritz on one of the terraces. As in the rest of the city, it is difficult to find a meter of land without some history behind it, so you cannot leave without seeing the statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni that crowns the plaza and the striking building of the Scuola Grande di San Marco. After the visit or rest, from here we can connect any tour with the northwest of the city.

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