Tower and clock, clock and tower. Two equally important elements that dazzle the visitor in the same way.

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Clock Tower


A compulsory crossing point on the way to St Mark’s Square. Forming the entry to the Mercerie, you’ll find this Clock Tower dating from the 15th century. When you’re standing a few feet from its base, look up to see the blue and gold motifs that shape it, because it was built to impress by looking at from below. Actually, it’s also worthwhile contemplating it from atop the Belfry to be able to enjoy its bell and the two statues known in the city as the Moors, due to the darkening that the bronze has undergone. In either case, it is recommended that you take a few minutes to study the two most important aspects. On the one hand, the architecture of the tower which, being located in the Renaissance period, seeks to combine the different architectural styles present in the facades of the square. On the other, the spectacular clock which counts time and the phases of the moon. It is assumed that initially the reason for this was to guide sailors, but what is certain is that since its inauguration, it has been a hymn to the city and a form of ostentation of its wealth. It is even said that its authors were blinded so that they could not design anything more beautiful.

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