Sitting on a Venetian terrace is a must. But ... because they are it will be a question of luck finding a place!

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Coffee and sweets

Coffee & terrace.

Any time is a good time to stop and sit down to have a coffee. Even better on a terrace if the weather permits. But it might now take a little more to find one that is free, because they generally tend to fill up, particularly in the squares and open spaces. Keep in mind that this happens after lunch, at about half past two or three, when most coffee shops in the centre are crammed. Knowing this, it is worth taking a break in any visit and enjoy the atmosphere offered by places like Caffè Quadri in St Mark’s Square or any small coffee shop in Cannaregio such as Mq10. On the other hand, those with a sweet tooth should not miss the chance to enjoy a coffee in a classic Venetian pastry shop. Pasticceria dal Mas close to the station, Vio in the Accademia are, Harry's bar in Giudecca and Rosa Salva in St Mark’s are some of the many spread throughout the streets of the city. If you come across one that catches your eye, do not think twice, just sit down for a drink. However, look carefully at the Antichi Pasticcieri Veneziani sign offering a guarantee of quality and bear in mind that prices generally tend to be high.

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