Festivities in Venice

The inaguration of the Regata Storica with the parade of historic vessels on the Grand Canal is, quite frankly, amazing.

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Festivities in Venice

Parties and more parties!

Whilst you are a part of it, you are a part of Venice in as much that you're sure to enjoy its festivities as much as the Venetians themselves. Apart from Carnival, the city celebrates many festivals throughout the year. The first weekend of September sees the celebration of the Regata Storica in which the gondoliers of Venice compete, as well as the Rowers of Genova, Pisa and Amalfi. More impressive, however, is its inauguration, with various historic vessels parading along the Grand Canal. On the 21st of November, you must see the celebration in honour of Santa Madonna della Salute, to whom people prayed to relieve the plague of the seventeenth century. In her honour, gateways are set up on one of the channels between San Marcos and Dorsoduro, so that worshippers can make a pilgrimage on foot to her church. For similar reasons, the Feast of the Redeemer is celebrated on the third Sunday of July. During the same, the bay between Venice and the Island of Giudecca fills with all kinds of boats. On these vessels, people place tables to eat from, leading to a floating party. However, you should also attend the night before, as you cannot miss the incredible inaugurating fireworks display.

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