Fondaco dei Turchi (Natural History Museum)

Want to see the intact remains of a baby dinosaur? Voilà: this is your chance to do it!

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Fondaco dei Turchi (Natural History Museum)

Curious and quirky.

As often happens in this city, interest in the museum begins with its building. When you're going down the Grand Canal, its stunning architecture, with its two towers linked by a long row of arches, will certainly attract your attention. It was built in the 13th century as the residence of the consul of Perugia, but throughout its history it has experienced various occupations and remodelling. Its present form was modified in the mid-19th century after having belonged to it most famous occupants, Turkish traders. They used the building from the 17th century mainly as a residence and store, fondaco in Italian, until trade with the East began to suffer. Before belonging to the Dukes of Ferrara, it then passed to the city council to host the Correr Museum for a short period of time. But in 1924, the Natural History Museum of Venice settled here, one of its curious museums and well worth a visit to discover the peculiar experiments city explorers brought to it, marine animals from its shores or skeletons of dinosaurs, among which the intact remains of a baby dinosaur stand out.

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