The best of the best of its kind. No one should miss the opportunity to visit this 'unfinished palazzo'.

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Guggenheim Museum

More contemporary art.

Together with the Gallery of Modern Art, this completes the other half of the contemporary art scene of Venice. If you are interested in modern trends have to visit one of the Guggenheim museum at least once, but this is where it has its main seat. One of the differences that make it stand out from its siblings is its location, in the former home of the Guggenheim family, Venier dei Leoni palace. You’ll find it going down the Grand Canal, before arriving at St Mark’s Square. Interestingly, the first impression you'll have is its small size, because only the first of the four floors that were planned was built. This is why it is also known also as the unfinished palace. But do not be fooled by this because, since 1980, the collection it holds has been and is the most important of its kind worldwide. On entering you will not see anything close to the current scene because it addresses cubist currents of abstract or futurist expressionism. Among the painters who stand out are Picasso, Miro, Dali, Yoko Ono, Ernst and Duchamp, but these are only some of its long list.

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