Hand crafting this paper is a deep-rooted and interesting activity: the marbled paper and the paper of waters are the most characteristic.

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Handcrafted paper in the centre

Handcrafted paper in the centre.

The treatment of paper is one of the most deep-rooted activities in the city, though not so well known. Whether you're looking for a souvenir of Venice or if you work with paper, throughout the city centre you will find a multitude of specialised shops at your disposal. One of the most characteristic forms is the paper of waters or the marbled paper , which is normally used for book covers. Although at first glance they may seem uninteresting, have no doubt that they will draw your attention in a shop window. Their designs are varied and incredible, such that no two are the same. This is, of course, only if we are looking for handicrafts shops. A good place to find them is the street Fabbri, where several locales, such as the famous Goldoni, can be found along the street. Inside, you can also find all sorts of engravings and manuscripts, all of which are attractions for history fans. Near the campo Francesco Morosini, in the San Marco district, the shop of Alberto Valese-Ebru offers paper, books and albums. Another very popular point is Legataria Piaseis, close to the campo San Lorenzo in the district of San Marco.

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