Haute couture, boutiques and accessories

A very select commercial offer in a paradise of accessories and textiles: Rubelli is the most prestigious of its kind.

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Haute couture, boutiques and accessories

Haute couture, boutiques and accessories.

If you are a clothes and textiles enthusiast, you'll know that Italy is an unmissable destination. However, Venice, above all, is one of the most select spots. Several of the country's most important companies can be found along the city's commercial streets. If you are going to devote a day to visiting the shops, it's best to start from St. Mark's Square. cf cf From their, throughout the cf cf mercerie cf cf you will come across branches of Missoni, Laura Biaggioti, Armani and Valentino. cf cf It's also almost mandatory to pass by Jesurum, next to the Bridge of Sighs, where you will find fabric products for the exclusive homes of Venice. On the other hand, along the way you may feel a lack of commercial chains. Instead you will find boutiques which, although at times they may seem humble, contain high quality products. Inside you will mostly find the most city's most popular basic accessories: bags, shoes and gloves. cf cf Shops such as Trois or Valli, also in the cf cf mercerie cf cf , offer fantastic silks and velvets. cf cf However, Rubeli, situated on the square of San Gallo, is one of the most prestigious stores on the square. If you want an interesting souvenir, we can go to Emilio Ceccato to buy a typical gondolier's shirt.

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