This prestigious film festival is hosted in Venice between August and September, cinephiles, listen closely!

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International Film Festival

Italian cinema.

If you are a cinema lover, you might like to fit your trip in with the festival. Continuing with its old role as an artistic patron, between August and September, Venice sees the celebration of the Mostra Internazionale d'Arte cinematografica di Venezia. These awards of great international prestige are held in the same category as those of Cannes or San Sebastián. Its origins date back to 1932 when it emerged as a result of another of Venice's major exhibitions, the Biennial. During the course of its history of more than eighty years, it has seen several changes. Even though it started as a competitive festival, at various stages it has focused more on searching for novelties or providing honorary awards. Nowadays, however, its Leones de oro are awarded according to the same criteria as other festivals of its calibre. During the festival, the Island of Lido is the venue for its opening and award ceremonies, as well as the most important screenings. Between the Palazzo del Cinema and the Palazzo del Casinò, there are a number of rooms. To attend, it's enough make your way to the island and buy the tickets as far in advance as possible, given that they sell out quickly.

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