Jewish Museum of Venice

Welcome to the city’s quietest neighbourhood. But the interesting sea is a different and less touristy suggestion!

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Jewish Museum of Venice

Jewish Quarter.

This visit is an alternative to the rest of the city and can take some time. Although not as popular, the Jewish quarter has a charm and a special interest that substantially separates it from other areas. Secluded in the Cannaregio district north of the city in 1516, Jewish society has inhabited this area turning it into a true living museum. What you first notice on entering is the calm and quiet in contrast to the bustle of the city. Here there are not many tourists and it is the perfect place to spend half a day for a peaceful tour. It's best to start with the Museum of the Ghetto Nuovo, which contains a collection of objects from between the 17th and 20th centuries. Objects in gold, musical instruments, manuscripts and documents are on display as a demonstration of the importance that Jewish culture has had in Venice. This is a small tour, but from here you can take a guided tour through some of the synagogues of the ghetto which complement the visit. Once completed, the best thing to do is walk around and visit the kosher shops, bookstores or, if you have the chance, some synagogue where they still perform religious ceremonies.

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