The best encounters with opera and ballet take place in this historic and imposing centre.

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La Fenice Theatre

The grand stage.

Simply entering to view the building's interior is already worthwhile. This house of music is located in the historical centre, a stones throw from St. Mark's Square. Since its construction in 1792, the building has hosted the most important operas in recent times but it has also suffered several fires and renovations. The latest, in 2003, gave the building its current appearance. Whether or not you are interested in ballet or opera, you cannot miss the opportunity to a performance. In attending, you will be experiencing these art forms in one of their key locations from around the globe. With Italy undoubtedly being the mother of opera, this theatre is one of the finest places to attend such grand classical works as La traviata or La toscana and, following a long tradition on the continent, Venice has at its heart a singular weakness for this art form. Together with the chamber orchestras, these performances are one of the city's most interesting aspects to be delved into. However, whilst the above tend to be performed in various unusual locations such as the Great School of San Teodoro or the church of San Giacometto, the opera's preferred home is here.

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