Packed with residents and tourists at any time of day. Its special appeal and geographical location are to blame.

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Rialto Bridge

The most famous and ancient.

There is no doubt that the best way to see Venice is to walk through it. Along the way it is almost impossible not to cross its most famous bridge, situated in the geographic centre of the city and connecting the districts of San Polo and San Marco. This is also the oldest of the four that cross the Grand Canal, although its original wood base was replaced with stone in 1581. Today, the bridge is filled at all hours with both residents and tourists who stop there to look out over the canal. But do not worry if you cannot enjoy it the first time, because you are sure to cross it several times during the trip. In fact, the bridge has a special appeal as a place to go at different times of day and night to stop and rest for a while, watching the various shades of the view depending on the time. According to the Venetians themselves, the most impressive times are at dawn and dusk, when the city lights are lit. The other way to see it is undoubtedly passing under it in either a gondola or a vaporetto. Of the city’s many romantic stories, that of kissing under the Rialto Bridge to ensure lasting love is the most famous.

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