Austere outside, overdone inside, it is full of monuments, mediaeval art and mausoleums.

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Santa María Gloriosa dei Frari

Appearances can be deceptive.

When you pass through the district of San Polo, it is possible that this church will go unnoticed because of its austere facade. But don’t be fooled, because the interior has little to do with the outside. It is the second largest in the city. Its construction had to be extended for nearly a hundred years to be expanded several times due to the large number of faithful that it welcomed. Built by the Franciscans in the 15th century, this building houses a huge number of works and monuments that make it one of the key points on the cultural tour of the city. Although its most famous work is the Assumption by Titian, this is just one of many that make a visit unavoidable. Works by Bellini, Veneziano, Sansovino or Rizzo complement its extensive collection of art from the Middle Ages. Another of its main attractions is its mausoleums, highlighting Titian's own and that of Antonio Canova which, due to their striking appearance, are the most popular. Canova’s mausoleum has an added curiosity as it only contains his heart. The rest of his body is buried in Possagno. In addition, his monument was built by his disciples following the design that he had drawn for the tomb of Titian.

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