disfraces asaltan las calles venecianas. ¡Sugerente! In February, the city is dressed in colours and the streets are flooded with masks and costumes. Sexy!

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The Carnival of Venice

Who hasn't heard of it?

For certain you've heard of it, but to live it is an unforgettable experience. Around April, for ten days and ten nights the shines once again as it did in the eighteenth century. However, its origins date back much earlier to around the twelfth century. It was then that the celebration emerged as a concession to less wealthy members of the population. In those days, restrictions were loosened and all kinds of amusement were allowed. Some even say that people could speak badly of the aristocracy without fear of reprisals. Due to this licentious context, the tradition of wearing a mask began to emerge. Nowadays, however, the celebration looks back primarily on the period when this tradition reached its peak, just before it was forbidden by Napoleon. It was not until 1979 that the festival was celebrated again; however, since then it has quickly returned to its usual splendour. The best way to enjoy it is not just to take photographs, but rather experience it from the inside. Finding a costume is, obviously, an easy task in this day and age. During the celebrations, especially on the Tuesday of Carnival, you have to go to St. Mark's Square, which is filled with colours and truly impressive costumes.

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