Alternative, different and 'dark' in a certain way, but no less attractive. Does the idea seduce you?

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The Cemetary Island

San Michele.

An alternative for those that want to go for a less ordinary trip. The Island of San Michele is situated opposite the north face of Venice and designed in a straight line. It is a resting place where many of the city's inhabitants are interred. Despite its dark nature, the place is frequented more often than one might imagine, as it provides a place to meditate or rest away from the noise of the city. Providing the background for the walk, the peculiar cemeteries are items of interest for many visitors. This is due to the multitudes of graves they contain and the custom of adorning them with various objects. As you arrive, you will see signs directing the way to both orthodox and protestant cemeteries. Even so, do not forget that it is very easy to get lost between the hundreds of niches, mausoleums and trees that populate the island. Once you've finished the walk, you mustn't leave without going to see the Church of San Michele, which was one of the first renaissance churches to be built in the area. It is best to check the opening hours before coming to visit. From here we can take vaporetto back, or you can go to the Island of Murano.

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