4,000 inhabitants, an explosion of colours, unimaginable views, pleasant walks..., an enticing getaway, don't you think?

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The Island of Burano

Up to 45 minutes.

Come to this island only if you want to have a very quiet, pleasant walk. cf cf If so, you will have to take a cf cf vaporetto cf cf for around forty-five minutes but it is worth it if you want a complete change of environment. cf cf The small island, of some four thousand inhabitants, is easy to get around without spending too much time. You will recognise it instantly upon approach, given that even from a good distance you can appreciate the bright colours of its façades. It's best to bring your camera as you'll want to use it constantly. In addition to its main textile industry, which inundates the streets with stalls from which it will be difficult for you not to buy some kind of souvenir, the main attraction is its appearance. Each of the low buildings boasts a different colour, giving the walk a very lively and cheerful feel. The roots of this tradition are not clear but there are several theories. The most romantic ones say that the fishermen painted their house in order to be able to see it from the open sea while they worked. Others, on the other hand, say that they did this in order to be able to make their way back on foggy days. Whatever the case, it is a custom which, nowadays, is carefully maintained.

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