A potpourri of colours and people, with an outstanding supply of fish and seafood firs thing in the morning.

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The Rialto Market

A commercial icon.

It doesn't matter if you don't buy anything, it is definitely worth going one morning to see the market next to the Rialto Bridge. This place has been a commercial site for centuries and today it is still an icon of commerce in the city. The interior is a beautiful sight with the mixture of colours and peoples that populate the market. On arrival, the area is flooded with the haggling of traders and customers, voices advertising products and the hustle and bustle of people and people. A tour of the market will not take very long but it is worthwhile to pass through its two sections. cf cf It's best to start at the far side of the bridge, where you will find the cf cf pescaria, cf cf since these stalls close before the rest. cf cf Here you will catch the smell of seafood and fish, even from a distance. Walking around, it's a real spectacle first thing in the morning, to see the sailors bringing goods to be placed on the stalls. cf cf As you get closer to the bridge, you will come to the cf cf erbaria cf cf , the most colourful area of the market where you will find all sorts of fruits and vegetables. cf cf Mid-morning is a good time to try some of the natural produce sold there.

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