As peculiar as they are practical, you will certainly have to board one of these on numerous occasions during your stay in Venice.

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The vaporetto

Venetian public transport.

Though at first they may seem strange, you will quickly get used to them. You will certainly have to take one several times as it's the most practical form of transport in the city. Not having streets but rather water canals, it is the public transport service equivalent to buses or the metro in other cities. It came into service in 1881 and it owes its interesting name to the fact that back then, they were powered by steam. The first thing you should do upon arrival in Venice, if you plan to travel around a lot, is to get a map of the vaporetto network and a saver ticket or a venice card for however long you need. Otherwise, be prepared to pay quite a high price for a simple trip. From here on out, everything is investigation. Route 1 passes through the busiest and most touristy areas of the city; however from this route there are various different lines that go to different points. In fact, the vaporetto can also take you to the islands that surround Venice, such as Burano or San Michele. Even so, many people take private water taxis, though it should be noted that these charge a less economic price. If you plan to go to Lido, the same ticket is also valid on the bus that crosses Lido from north to south.

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