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Cost of Companion Service for Minors

This service is only offered on flights operated by Iberia, Iberia Express and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum.

This does not apply for Flights IB26XX, IB5000, IB7000 operated by other companies.

You will receive a telephone call from us regarding your request for the service on the outbound or return flight. Payment will be taken once we have contacted you.

El servei de trucades només el podem oferir en castellà.

Cost of the service per journey

Domestic flights (except Canary Islands) Europe, the Canary Islands, the Middle East and North Africa America, Asia and South Africa
45€/55$/40£ 70€/85$/65£ 120€/145$/110£

Cost of the service for flights with transfers

With Domestic Connection (except Canary Islands) With Connection to/from Canary Islands, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa With Connection to/from America, Asia and South Africa
70€/85$/65£ 100€/120$/90£ 150€/180$/135£

Fill in the following form to request the service.

Contact Telephone Form details

Contact telephone

We'll call you as soon as possible once we receive your request. Please enter your contact landline or mobile number.

Booking Form details


If your ticket has already been issued and you want to request this service, enter the booking code.

Otherwise, go to the next section.

Passenger Form details


Enter the details of the child for whom you are requesting the service.

Origin Form details


Enter the contact details of the person who will hand the child over at the origin airport.

Provide a mobile phone number in this section if you want to receive text messages (SMS) from us. Available for flights originating in Madrid.

Destination Form details


Enter the contact details of the person who will collect the child at the destination airport.

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