The jewel of the ‘Rías Baixas’ occupies the majority of the well-known Galician coastline. Delicious fish, paradisiacal beaches and a vibrant nightlife will make your trip to Vigo a success, whichever way you look at it. Its…

When you land in Vigo you'll enjoy one of the world's best climates. Vigo is the only city in northern Spain that enjoys a privileged climate. In fact, for this reason it has been included on the list of the country's best places to live.

Although located in Galicia, "one of the wettest regions", it has a "microclimate" that makes it "unique in Galicia and nearly the whole of Spain". It is one of the cities with highest number of clear days and since it is influenced by a sub-tropical system the temperatures are milder than in other parts of Galicia. An average annual temperature of 14.7 ºC with mild summers and winter temperatures rarely falling below 7 ºC make this destination an ideal choice.

Iberia flies to Vigo International Airport (IATA code: VGO), also known as Peinador, which is situated 9 kilometres from Vigo and approximately 15 minutes from the city centre.

The airport is serviced by the AP9 and PO-8015 roads and has a car park where you can leave your vehicle

. If you prefer to use public transport, you can take a taxi or the L9A bus, with frequent departures all day long and a price of €1.35.


When you arrive in Vigo you will be submerged in a sea of unique flavours. The local cuisine is much more than a gourmet experience or opportunity to taste the finest shellfish from the Vigo estuary at reasonable prices: it is a ritual in itself. In Vigo the Galician food tradition is manifested in all the daily customs: from pre-lunch appetisers to tapas and after-work drinks, not to mention the barbecued steaks with family at the weekend


A visit to "Oyster Street" is a must. Calle Pescadería offers a unique spectacle: at stalls in the middle of the street, oystercatchers split open the legendary oysters from the Vigo estuary and prepare non-stop plate after plate of this delicious delicacy. The tradition is very simple: you buy the molluscs directly from the oystercatchers and taste them right there on the spot with a touch of lemon, washed down by a fine albariño, one of the famous white wines from South Galicia. Bon appetit!

Fair-style octopus… Master octopus cooks (known as pulpeiras and pulpeiros) choose the finest specimens, boil the octopus in their traditional copper pots and serve it hot on a typical wooden platter with salt, paprika and olive oil... This age-old recipe just doesn't taste the same anywhere else in the world.

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