A peculiar restaurant where you can choose the fish and seafood you are going to have.

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Pesca Al Peso

Come in, choose your stuff, enjoy!

Unfortunately, those allergic to seafood will probably not be able to come near Pesca Al Peso restaurant, but seafood lovers should not miss it while visiting Alicante. Located in the old part of the city, on Mayor street, the Pesca Al Peso (fish by weight) honours its name and has an original approach to choosing your dinner: first, you go to the fishcounter, you choose from among its amazing variety of fish, then they will weigh it for you and ask you how you'd like to have it; after that you need to decide on drinks and side dishes and pay for the whole thing. And hey presto! Just go to your table and wait for your wish to come true. If you can't decide, let them surprise you with the 'Menú Degustación' which can be shared by two people, and order some arroz meloso (creamy rice) to go with it.

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