Not only will you find books, take a look at its schedule or its auditorium and be amazed!

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Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango

Somewhat more than a simple library.

This place is much more than a library. The citizens of Bogota come here to enjoy culture or to escape from the world. In La Candelaria, near Plaza Bolivar, there is another place where you can come into contact with Bogota's cultural offerings. Apart from the numerous and varied documents, which you can access, conferences and exhibitions are hosted here regularly. It's worth taking a look at their schedule. If you can, visit another of its attractions: the auditorium where various classical music concerts are performed. The library goes well with the other Banco de la Republica buildings, which form the city's main cultural circuit. Of all of them, this one is ideal if you are looking for a bit of peace, whether among the shelves or on the terrace.

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