Bogota Central Cemetery (Cementario Central de Bogotá)

Although somewhat macabre, you need to visit this cemetery if you want to understand Colombian idiosyncrasy to perfection.

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Bogota Central Cemetery (Cementario Central de Bogotá)

The city of the dead.

Although it may seem a tad gloomy, visiting Bogota Central Cemetery is almost essential if you want to understand the country and Colombian culture. The cemetery is in the Santafé neighbourhood and is commonly known as la Ciudad de los Muertos (City of the Dead). Here lie the remains of many figures from Colombian history. Many important soldiers who fought in the Colombian War of Independence or in the Thousand Day War are buried here. There are numerous tributes to the fallen. You can visit as part of a historical tour through the history of Colombia. It is also worth going to see the décor that adorns every corner of the cemetery. It is surprising to note how important cultural blending and superstition are to the Colombians. You've never seen anything like it.

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