Do you fancy some storytelling, recitals, exhibitions, shows and stand-up comedy with your beer?

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Café Canterbury

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

Café Canterbury is named after Chaucer's famous Canterbury Tales. In keeping with this, it is open to the public as a cultural centre. All kinds of cultural activities are held here every day. There is a blend of (almost daily) concerts with storytelling, recitals, painting and photography exhibitions, stand-up comedy and, above all, good music. An unquestionably good place to visit. Most of Colombia's major stars have cut their teeth on this stage; it is open every day and is a great way to end your day. When the night falls and you've finished exploring the city, come here, ask for a beer or a Pola.and enjoy the show. You're sure to like it. The Café is on Calle 3S and they are waiting for you.

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