Colombia smells of coffee, good coffee. Try it and you'll see!

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Coffee in Bogota

Coffee Country.

You can't leave Bogota without having tried the coffee. This drink has always been one of the country's most emblematic icons and to this day is a guarantee of quality. If you look carefully, you'll see that coffee culture is still very much alive in the city. The many places dotted along the streets where you can get a tea or coffee are often filled with people who are meeting for various reasons. If you have time, join them for a while. There are several Diletto Cafés in the north of the city, from the G Zone upwards. This local chain is dedicated to making drinks using only Colombian coffee and is a good place to try different preparations. If you want to stop for a rest while walking through the old town, you could try Café Para Dos in La Candelaria. Apart from this, you'll see that it is rare not to find several attractive cafés on any walk.

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