Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Centre

He earnt enough fame with 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' to ensure he will never be forgotten. For example, a button.

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Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Centre

The Gabo.

Gabriel García Márquez, or Gabo, is the most important figure in Colombia's history of literature and culture. He is a symbol of the country and of the South American continent. His portrayal of culture and customs in One Hundred Years of Solitude made him become his country's icon. That is why this centre bears his name. This place contains an art gallery and a huge library where you can plunge into the country's culture and history. It is in La Candelaria, on Calle 11 5-60. Being so close to Simón Bolívar Plaza makes it a good way to take a tour of Columbia's history. In fact, inside, there is a popular coffee shop where you can drink while you find about the influence and the story of the author. If you want to get to know Colombia, you will need to recognise the importance of Gabo.

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