La Castellana National Theatre

National and international initiatives from all fields are welcome at this theatre: concerts, theatre, dance…

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La Castellana National Theatre

Here's to culture!

Throughout Colombia and the entire continent of South America, culture has always been of the utmost importance. We must not forget that, on one hand, most of these countries have been through major conflicts in the 19th century in order to achieve emancipation (Colombia did not gain independence from Spain until 1819). On the other hand, cultural fusion and immigration mean that cultural phenomena are a blend of traditions from many parts of the world, making them unique and wonderful. The National Theatre, which opened in 1981 with the play The Hostage, is proof of that. Together, the Fanny Mikey Theatre and the National Theatre House have struggled to protect and bring culture and entertainment to the people of Bogota. Every day, concerts, plays and all kinds of internationally successful shows take the stage, but a large space is also reserved for all national initiatives. It is a unique opportunity to understand more about Colombian culture.

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