At a height of 3,100 metres it dominates panoramic views from all corners of the city. Unbeatable!

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Mount Montserrat

It watches over the city.

Monserrat watches over the city of Bogota from an altitude of more than 3,100 metres. Known as the teeth-shaped mountain, you can see it from any point. The views of the whole city and the surrounding area are unparalleled, and the trek is worth it, even if just for the tour of the spots along the top. However, you still have to see the monastery that was built over four centuries ago and is a pilgrimage site for many Colombians every day. They come here to venerate the Black Madonna. There are also a couple of highly recommended restaurants at the top. By the way, you can go up this mountain in a cable car or on the funicular train. Although for the brave, the old stone paved route is still open for the devotees to climb. However you get up there, this is Bogota's most impressive viewpoint.

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