It is not its style that attracts attention, more the role it played during the country's independence process. Very interesting.

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Obelisk of the Martyrs

Direct witness.

This monument usually goes unnoticed. However, it is possibly the most significant in the history of Colombian independence. When you're in the Los Martyrs neighbourhood, you should take a closer look at the plaza that gives it its name. Previously known as La Huerta de Jaime, two hundred years ago it witnessed several battles between federalists and centralists. However, its real importance is born of being a main stage for the regime of terror. During this regime, between 1816 and 1819, a great many people accused of insurgency were executed in the plaza. To commemorate these victims of the struggle for independence the seventeen metre-high obelisk was erected in the plaza in 1880. If you get closer, you can read the inscriptions of the names of the martyrs to whom it pays tribute.

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