Of course, it is inevitable that the Colombians worship Bolivar. This plaza is a good example of this.

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Plaza de Bolívar

The main square.

If the figure of Simon Bolivar is present throughout the continent of South America, it is even more important in Colombia. He was the liberator of this country: the leader of the movement that confronted the Spanish empire and won the country's emancipation in 1819. He is therefore, perhaps, the most revered historical figure in Colombia. For the same reason, there is a plaza named after him in the middle of the city of Bogota. This is the city's main square, between Carreras 7ª and 8ª and Calles 10 and 11. Actually, this plaza has been the town's Plaza Mayor since before independence and is still known by that name. Ranchers, farmers and traders used to come here to buy and sell their goods. The statue of Bolivar was erected in 1846 in the middle of the square but was inaugurated years later. It is one of the most charming corners of the city and it is worth sitting here for a while, contemplating the blend of elements and eras that decorate this square.

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